Tuesday – A good day to blog!

I like Joey Fatone very much. Not like Justin Timberlake, which is a superficial lust but PASSIONATE, but I think Joey is a good guy. Not only is he cute, but I have met him and he is not pretentious or a snob. Not sure why I brought that up other than his face is in the paper that is right next to my laptop.

Life is good for me – weird, but good. It’s still surreal that I don’t have homework at night. I fill my time alone with the computer, reading, chatting with friends…..and that’s about it. Weird. It’s also weird that I am alone. Not to be pity partying or anything – coming from a big family, getting married at 20, and having kids a couple of years later…..I don’t think I’ve EVER been alone! So it shouldn’t seem strange that I have a hard time getting my arms around this change in my life…..right? It’s cool. I am keeping busy. I will also have the next three weekends jam packed with fun – I go to Texas this weekend (yeah!), Deana is in California the next weekend (whoop whoop) and then I go back to Texas the following weekend (right on!). So the weeks will not be entirely tough for me, and for that I am grateful.

Otherwise, I have nothing new to blog about!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday – A good day to blog!

  1. Congrats on the newfound adventure of “alone” time ! And gotta say girl you must be making -bank- to be doing all this air time ! You GO girl !

  2. Comment #1 – “bank”? hardly, my electric bill has gone from $800/mo to $50/mo. I am ahead of the game!

    Comment #2 – oh I know who you are and pretentious is not the word I’d choose! LOL

  3. Alone time is good, sometimes. I’m glad you’ve got fun weekends planned – I get to see the kids vicariously through you! đŸ™‚ Say hi to everyone in Texas while you’re there.

  4. Can you pay for my air time too???


    Some day soon you’ll wish you had alone time! Four kids in one house – CRAZY is the only word! And, these are some GOOD NATURED kids!

    Miss you!!!! Need your silliness here in TX!

    And, I won’t ask why you knew who Joey what’s his name was when you saw him! LOL Backstreets back…

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