Gina’s Just Rambling…..

Still gonna make you wait about the results of my speech! Instead, some random thoughts for today:

~ Men should NEVER flip a woman off when driving. Especially when said woman is 5 feet behind a car and, therefore, can’t go any faster anyway.

~ You should NEVER ask someone who is moving out of state, changing jobs, or making other life changes, “are you sure?” ESPECIALLY when you have a superficial friendship anyway.

~ If two people choose to invest in a home together, don’t add crap to that. Southern California homes are freaking expensive people!!!! Speculating or dramatizing it is crap. Most people are not involved with HBO Series so don’t wait your time trying to make something benign into something scandalous.

~ On that note, you should NEVER ask someone who is moving out of state if their best friend is quitting their job, moving out of state, etc. ESPECIALLY when you have a superficial friendship anyway. Or better yet, it’s better not to ask ANY nosey, personal questions of ANYONE that you don’t speak to on a daily basis anyway.

~ Maybe the best way of summarizing my innermost feelings today – anyone over 30 years old – ESPECIALLY people in their late 30’s – have probably established some pretty good critical thinking skills so maybe it would be good for others to think, “Wow, they probably don’t need me to make sure they know what they’re doing.” Give us a little credit okay?

Okay, the rambling rantings of a mad white woman are now over……

3 thoughts on “Gina’s Just Rambling…..

  1. gina i agree with you completely….that looks funny is it spelled right?? oh well

    aw man i was staring at the word “completely” to long trying to figure out if its spelled right or not and lost my train of thought…but i was gunna put something really intelligent and funny…so pretend i did haha =]

  2. was that what i was gunna put? it sounds like something i would say but i dont know still….now this is bugging me

    (my brain still doesnt work properly cuz i’m waking up so darn early)

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