Urgent Notice

Hello Everyone,

I would appreciate you lifting Deana up in prayer as it seems “things” are in place to discourage her and the adoption process.

Bottom line – there was a paperwork mishap and our Russian Visas are due to expire early next week. Because of that, the trip has been delayed a week and a new court date must be obtained. I am currently on the phone trying to reschedule our flight tickets hoping to get the same or close to the same fares. Fortunately, the adoption agency has offered to supplement some of these costs for this but it is still very stressful. Further, Deana seeing and holding her children has again been delayed which is heartbreaking for her.

Also pray that the process of obtaining new visas can be expedited to meet the week timeframe and that a new court date is easily obtained.

If/when you see Deana at work next week, please be gentle. Any questions, please ask me or Wanda.

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