Okay, very tired, very stressed (not even approaching Deana’s stress though!), but alive!

Update on school:

  • Research Project/Class – paper in, presentation done, class over. Woohoo!
  • Art Appreciation – just now sent my six page paper on the belief system of Ancient Egyptians and an analysis of the Book of the Dead. Yeah, you heard me. Yes, I understand that seems like it has nothing to do with Art Appreciation! But it’s done and the class is over! Yeah!
  • Sociology – I was able to finish and turn in all the work that I had over the next two weeks. There are two assignments that were given to me Monday night, but my teacher is very cool and said I could email them to her from Russia or bring them in when I get back. Sweet!
  • Astronomy – my next online class, which starts Monday. No worries, I will have online access in Russia!

As for the trip, well, stress all around. But things are good and I downloaded Lost Season 2 onto my iPod for the trip so I am looking forward to having English TV when there! YES!

I will try to write more later! Please keep me and Deana in your prayers because we both get a little catty when stressed, so you can imagine how it’s been the last 24 hours!

Gina Out.

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