Progress is such a cool word!

I know most of the 2.74 people who read this blog really don’t care about how I am doing on my research paper. However, I like to rambling about nothing so there you go!

The unedited version of the paper has been completed and I feel pretty good about it. I finalized the PowerPoint yesterday for my presentation tonight, which I had rescheduled because I thought I might be in Russia next week. Now I wish I hadn’t done that but I think I can pull it off. I still need to get my notes together to go with the PP, but I really have no aversion to public speaking so I think I will also be able to throw that together at lunch today.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was very surprised by some info and planning that was shared with me at work. It was very encouraging for sure, but I am still a bit amazed about what I had learned. Let’s just say that sometimes you see yourself a certain way and it surprises you when others see potential in you. I really believed that hard work or attitudes didn’t always make a difference, but I guess they do. All in all, I thank the Lord for the encouragement I received yesterday as it gave me a shot of endurance for my busy week!

No major news regarding Deana. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers during these tough days of wondering for sure when she will be getting her kids. Russia is closed today and tomorrow so she will not hear anything before Monday.

Have a great day!

One thought on “Progress is such a cool word!

  1. Hi Gina,
    I hope rescheduling your paper because you thought you might be in Russia next week turns out to be true. I will pray especially hard for you and Deana and the children so that the call comes for you to fly there next week. God Bless all of you.
    Aunt Kay

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