Another boring post!

Okay, I am AGAIN avoiding working on my research paper! I am so BAD! It really isn’t that hard but I have SO MUCH information it’s hard to throw out this and keep that. Thanks to Rona who allowed me to interview and observe her this past week.

On that note, I am going to focus on some positives in my life!

  • I have a great manager and team at work. This is really not a appeal for a raise or anything like that. I truly love my job and, working on my current research paper, I can see that I am blessed to be employed where I am. Is it perfect? No! But great nonetheless.
  • I have an awesome family. My kids give me grey hair, my house hasn’t learned how to clean itself yet, and bills keep coming, but I know I have my family and they love me. I love them too.
  • I am thankful that my body works. While it gives me aches and pains, I am glad that I am able to get around, help out, play with the dogs, etc.
  • My Lord, Jesus Christ, is a faithful Lord. I am told, it seems at every turn lately, that my faith is in vain. However, I know that is a lie. I have been blessed is so many ways – most of which I clearly do not deserve – but I accept totally. Without Him I would be so buried in the crap of life. (can I say “Him” and “crap” in the same sentence????)
  • Special shout outs to those that help me out everyday; Deana – the best friend a person could ask for and who does too much to list here, Stephanie – the perfect nanny, friend, and sister, Jerry – who spoils me so much with morning coffee, chocolate donuts, and a clean house, and Aunt Kay – who always leaves me awesome comments on my blog.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to skip more homework!

One thought on “Another boring post!

  1. Get back to work!!!! Keep dying the grey hair!!! You have 12 more years to go! 🙂 Keep on keeping one… You are giving your kids an understanding of Jesus and a real relationship with Him. I love hearing you read the Bible to them!

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