Sometimes it’s cool –

§ Like when you’ve lost weight and you need to buy new, smaller-sized clothes.
§ Or when you get that new haircut, a little wild, that you’ve been contemplating for so long.
§ Or when you are fortunate enough to have a CD changer or iPod and it moves to the next CD, for a totally different and refreshing sound.
§ Or when you look over the years of your life and realize the places where God has totally grown you.

Sometimes it’s neutral –

§ Like when you are going to a new place (home, work position, etc.) that is very exciting but the unknown scares you to death.

But sometimes it sucks!

§ Like when you look in the mirror and your face has wrinkles or sagging places.
§ Or the computer program has been “upgraded” and doesn’t act like it used to.
§ Or your kids grow up and don’t need you (or idolize you) like they used to.
§ Or something happens that cannot be changed back – a death, an injury, lost friendships, etc.

What to remember thru it all –

§ God is in control (Gina, read this twenty times……)

One thought on “Change

  1. My personal reflection on change ~

    Perhaps God uses the perceived “bad” changes to get our attention…to motivate us to adapt new way of life. I’m finding that God is using the changes in my life to draw me closer to Him – to remind me that I am not alone. To remind me that I am his child. I’m learning that the changes in my life, though many see as bad changes have become catalysts propelling me into a new relationship with Him – into a new way of thinking. Yes, changes CAN suck but it’s what we do with them and the grace with which we move forward determines our survival. Lord, help me to see each day as an adventure ~ help me to stay the course…and Lord help me to always see the positive aspect of change!

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