Life is pretty precious

I am amazed how we take many things for granted… our lives. Going on one week ago, the VP of my department was riding his bike home, somehow lost control, and flew into a light pole. He is currently in ICU with two breaks in his spine, trying to deal with both lungs having been collapsed. I have no idea if he will walk again, BUT HE IS ALIVE!!!

Yep, freak accident for a pretty careful person.

But who is to say we will have tomorrow? I can guarentee that tomorrow is not a given. Or that tomorrow will be just like today. I can assure you my VP didn’t expect to find himself in the hospital right now – on the eve of real issues that will affect his life (short term, long term, or forever).

But I CAN tell you this for sure – having Jesus in my life has made a huge difference. This is not a trite statement at all, nor do I have the words to expound what I am feeling right now. I am so…..overwhelmed by the knowledge of His saving grace, even when life sucks. But life IS pretty precious, and I am thankful that I have today… write this blog, to be with friends and family, and to serve Him.

More later….I am having trouble articulating what is running thru my brain.

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