Sophia Stories

So, let me start by saying – Sophia cracks me up!  She gets me rolling!  Some of these stories may seem “off color”, but I HAVE to post them in raw form so that you can see how often I laugh!  And most of the time it’s my own darn fault for her comments as I egg her on.

Conversation this week with Zack, Deana, and Soph.  Zack was scratching Deana’s back:

Deana:  Wow Zack, that is very good!  You’re going to be an awesome husband to your wife.

Zack:  Thanks.  I like to be nice.

Deana:  I wish Maddy (that’s what they call me) would do this for me!

Sophia:  (in disgust, either because of the dig at me, or the fact that Zack was getting the attention, or whatever) Mom, you KNOW those hands touch his penis!  And now you have penis on your back!

Gina/Deana:  [cracking up and trying to hide it]

Zack:  Sophia, I WASH MY HANDS!

Sophia:  Whatever Zack, you still touch it.

On the cruise I put my bathing suit on, which shows my entire back.  I was brushing my teeth as Sophia came into the bathroom.

Sophia (pointing to my tat of Jesus and the thieves on the cross):  What is that, the 10 Commandments?  Or that woman in the Bible?

(Note to self – need to do better at sharing the Bible Stories with Soph)

I was teasing Sophia about something like me taking her new jacket because it was cool or something.  Or maybe that I would go on a ride instead of her.  I can’t remember.  But this was Soph’s response:

Sophia:  Hello!  You and Mom are way too big to do that!

Gina:  Excuse me?!?!

Sophia:  Not saying you’re chunky or anything…….

When we were waiting in line to get through customs after the cruise, Zack and Soph started bickering.  Deana broke it up and started lecturing them, especially Sophia as she had gotten very aggressive.  Note that I often point out when Deana interrupts me…..

Deana:  Do you two understand?

Sophia:  Well, before you interrupted me, I was going to apologize to Zack…….

More later!

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