Hello December!

Wow, 92% o f 2010 is GONE!  I guess it’s true that, as you get older, time moves faster!

While my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, my favorite month is December.  Maybe that’s because the month is my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION MONTH!  Yes, you heard me right – I prefer to celebrate the anniversary of my birth over the entire month.  Part of that is to offset what I feel was a huge “jipped” childhood that often combined my birthday presents with my Christmas presents (note:  my parents did not do that).  Or maybe it’s because I know how to milk it so people fall for my tricks!  🙂

In any case, let the celebration begin!  As I sit here writing this, it is 30 degrees outside and yes, it FEELS like December!  I hope that, wherever you are, you are enjoying your day and staying warm!

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