Wow, November’s the Time to Celebrate!!!!!

So, wow, it’s been nearly a year since Deana and I publicly proclaimed our love!  It’s hard to believe!!!!  To be reminded of the celebration details, or if you’ve never seen them, you can read our celebration blog from last year.  Sorry that we didn’t really update it at all after the ceremony.  🙂

This last year has been filled with some AMAZING moments, and lots of changes!  TEXAS tops that list!  My job continues to rock.  Deana also found a job working for the City of Dallas – whoot!  Kirstie moved to Nebraska (Nebraska!), Kenny is now as tall as me and is anxious to grow more, Josh has joined a chorale, Zack has made A Honor Roll twice, and Sophia has rocked the soccer field.  AND love has continued as strong as ever across the board.  I can speak for myself and say that I’ve never loved Deana more and I feel a contentment with her (my soulmate) that is so wonderful, I really don’t have words to explain it.  I realize that some people just don’t get that, and it’s okay.  Really, the truth is I’ve had a fantastic life filled with amazing memories, but all those memories turned to HD once I met Deana.  I AM HAPPY and so are my kids!  And that’s all that matters to me.

For those of you who missed these or are feeling like torturing yourself, here are the videos that were shown at our ceremony during the time Deana and I had to be photographed for memory sake.  I know some of you were also not aware I had uploaded them to Youtube.  🙂  Enjoy.

(Hint for viewing videos – if they’re too small, you can either double click them to go to YouTube, or click the little button at the bottom right of the video screen to make it full screen)

Video 1 – The Early Years

(Song: Tangerine Tree by Tamila & Elina)

Video 2 – Life Continues

(Song: Watching My World Walk By, by Tyrone Wells)

Video 3 – Adding to the Family

(Song: Victory (Mike Batt Mix) by Bond)

Video 4 – Craziness

(Note in BMX segment a 5-year-old passed me with no problem……)

Video 5 – Continuing Forever

(Song: To Know Love by Little Big Town)

Happy Anniversary Deana!  I love you!!!

P.S.  We have SO many anniversaries, it’s not even funny!  4/20, 9/10, 9/11 (oops, not 9/12 that is Kirstie’s bday oops!), and finally 11/22.  (I think I am missing some……UPDATED duh yeah!  7/3 we got engaged sheesh)  We must like parties!  🙂

One thought on “Wow, November’s the Time to Celebrate!!!!!

  1. I love you all the way to God! You’re right! Our kids are very happy, and their futures are bright! I love my life with you! I raise my glass of Diet Coke to decades more together!

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