New Look, Same Feel

So I realized a few days ago that I had used the same theme for this blog for over two years.  I was feeling, let’s just say, BORED with the theme.  So, I am venturing out into new realm by changing the theme.  But this blog will remain pretty much the same boring place!  🙂 Let me know if you have any suggestions, complaints, or the like.

So I was reading the news this morning and giggled a bit with this article, which quotes Meghan McCain calling Christine O’Donnell a “nut job”.  You may know Meghan, daughter of John, as often refuting her father’s political stances.  Whether you are a strong Republican or not – and God Love you and this country whether you are or not – Meghan makes some good points.  But for me, the fact that O’DOnnell  is back-pedalling from her evangelical roots is of great concern.  Remember, I am a Christian, received my B.S. from a Christian University that believes that our world view affects our decisions.  Part of my education was to help me have a Biblical World View, in hopes of changing the world a bit to align with my evangelical background.  And I agree that you should align your beliefs across the board, or at least acknowledge where there are gaps and investigate.  I am not saying I am GOOD at it, but I TRY.  But statements like, “My faith has influenced my personal life. My faith hasn’t really influenced my politics.” kind of freak me out. This same woman claims separation of church and state is “a myth”, yet she can separate her faith from her politics.  Makes me go HMMMMMMMMM.

I have also learned that I should just let the idiots have the parking space.  My heart goes out to the office that perished.

I have had my issues with US Airways before, but this guy had a tough day!  I think he’s taken the high road for sure.

SO that’s my update for now.  My wireless keyboard is acting up, so I am taking off.

Gina OUT




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