What To Say????

I’ve posted blogs like this before, but I’VE BUSY SUPER BUSY!!!  I’ve been traveling a lot for work, working long hours even when I am home, doing this and doing that, and before I know it……..I realize it’s been forever since I’ve posted to this blog.  So, I am approaching critical mass – I feel pressure to write something here, still don’t have much time, and am not really sure what to write about!  So, I am going to be relying heavily on the “Just Rambling” theme!

First of all, I want to post a shout out – yesterday, July 21st and 10:40pm PDT, my nephew Lucas David Minard was born!  He is son to my brother David and his wife Diana and I am overjoyed!  I will post a pic (hopefully) soon!  Incidentally, July 21st is ALSO the birthday of my brother Gary’s son, Chris, who turned 18!  It was a stellar day!

Work has been BUSY.  I have traveled to Oklahoma City once and Austin twice, and I have at least one more trip to Austin in a couple weeks.  I’ve always imagined business traveling would be prestigeous, but it actually is very tiring.  And being away from my family is not my favorite.  But I still love what I do!

God has been doing some amazing things in my life as of late.  Deana and I, along with the kids, have found an amazing church home and have made some really amazing friends there.  We feel blessed every moment!  And from that, we have made some amazing connections and we are excited to see what the Lord has planned for us!

Gracie is still missing and, in many ways, I am heartbroken.  While I am not sobbing every moment, there IS a big hole that she used to fill and I don’t think it will every go away.  I have not given up hope that she will be reunited with us, but I also am trying to be practical.  But I miss her very, very much and can’t imagine never seeing her again.

Wylie, the kitten we got, has also struggled with Gracie’s departure – he lost his playmate.  He has used our legs as a replacement to Gracie a bit during this time, but has calmed down a little and has connected with me and Sophia.  He doesn’t have the exuberance of Gracie (he’s a cat, afterall!) but he does make me smile on occasion!

Well, I probably have more to write but now need to get ready for work!  Hope this blog finds you healthy and happy!

Gina OUT!

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