Update on Gracie

So, it’s been a LONG and saddening 6 days since Gracie went missing.  At first, since I had received no calls, I had hoped she had been picked up by the pound and due to the holiday they hadn’t had time to call me.  So Sunday and Monday I sucked it up, hoping beyond hope that Tuesday morning I would have my Gracie back.  However, it turned out ALL the local pounds did not have her, and the devastation returned.  D and the kids were still on vacation, so it was hard to have these feelings without an outlet to share.  But I stepped up my efforts, posting and reviewing Craig’s List postings, driving through neighborhoods, etc.

The Wylie Animal Control Officer was especially kind, calling me every couple days for updates and to encourage me.  Then my prayers went to hoping AT LEAST a family found her and loved her so much that they didn’t call the tag or take her to see if she had a microchip.  I just wanted her safe and loved.  It still broke my heart, but the idea of her having been hurt or still out and starving broke my heart.

Then yesterday the first lead happened – Tammy, the Murphy Animal Control Officer – called me and asked a few questions.  Turns out a lady about 3.75 miles from my house had been seeing the same dog for the past 2 mornings and had called the pound.  The description fit Gracie to the T, so I called Deana to go to the area where she had been sighted.  No sign of Gracie, so I went there after work, too.  When I was there, Barbara (the kind lady who called), came and talked to me.  I showed her a picture of Gracie and she is 100% sure it was her!  So we walked around but no sign of her.

D, Sophia and I went back yet again, but still no sign of her.  We are going back this morning and praying that she comes back so she can come home!  Please pray!  I miss my Superdog.

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