Searching for, and Losing, The Beautiful

Some of my 2.78 readers may be suprised to find out that Deana’s beloved Canon Rebel died a week or so ago.  She probably had over 200,000 pictures on that baby!  From Denali Park, Alaska to Venice, Italy to Moscow, Russia……she covered the silly faces to the spanning landscapes to the blooming flowers and every other shot that I can’t even in all good confidence describe to you.  Over the years she has inherited the name “Papparazzi” from those of us who were “attacked” by the Rebel that always seemed to be chained around her neck.  However, even after all the complaints, she would be the first we would go to begging for a pic for Facebook or some other project.  It has been a love-hate thing.  🙂

But that’s just it – hearing that her beloved Rebel was dead was like saying Space Mountain was demolished at Disneyland.  Or Ben was no longer friends with Jerry.  Or Justin Timberlake without me.  You get the drift.  It was tragic.

Even saying that, I didn’t really appreciate the devastating facts until, well, how do I say this?  Oh heck, I’ll go ahead and be trite – you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Because, for the first time in a long time, I began to see all the beautiful things that Deana used to photograph all around me!  And, ironically, the prints that are still reflecting on the back of my mind’s eye didn’t make it to the digitally-safe world that Deana has ruled over for the past 4 or so years.

The flowers…….

The blue blue sky here in Texas……

The kids’ smiling faces as they played near fountains, or dashed on the field, or what seemed to be thousands of other activities.

How is it that I had somehow lost this sight when I knew Deana would save it forever?  Why was it that, now that we could not record the momentous occasions, images were jumping out at me from all angles?  And how can I even describe the beauty that I witnessed?  My words are so FLAT in comparison to the beautiful images that have been flashed into my memory.  And that is where the rub really is.

I will miss you Canon Rebel.  You were a good friend.

However, through circumstances that are very cool, she now has a Canon Rebel XTi.  Newer.  Lighter.  Faster.  Not the newest, not the best, but it rocks just the same.  And this person will try to still notice the beauty that surrounds me instead of relying on Deana’s photographic talent.  But I’m relieved that some of the pressure has been taken away!

Gina is OUT

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