The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Wow, I can’t believe this night is really here!  I LOVE this time of year!  I wish I was able to have a more formal affair tonight, but as I am in the middle of ANOTHER move (the last for AT LEAST a year, thank you very much!), I am just thankful that I have a warm room, cable TV, and this laptop to enjoy this year’s festive event!  Bring on the awards!

So I have to admit a few things……I am not passionately rooting for too many winners as I have in previous years.  Last year I was CERTAIN that Kate Winslet was to win, and was SO SO excited when she did!  I jumped up and it was cool becasue Deana and I were at an Academy Award party too!  Whoot!  The other big confession is that I did NOT see Avatar.  Sigh.  I just couldn’t do it but will once it’s on DVD…..sorry for those of you who think I’m just horrible!

But, I DO have a couple nominees I AM rooting for……..I think Mo’nique deserves the award for Best Supporting Actress.  Her performance in Precious was amazing, really.  I forgot who she was.  She gets my knod.  And for Best Actress, I fully admit that she probably won’t win, but I really wish Carey Mulligan (from An Education) wins.  She was convincing to me and didn’t seem to be acting at all.  However, if Sandra Bullock wins, I would be pleased, too.

I think George Clooney will get best actor, Christoph W. best supporting actor, Precious for pic, Kathryn R for best director, James Cameron for best director, and Up for best animated film.  Saw no docs or foreign films, so can’t go there.

We shall see how it goes!

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