Parenting 101

Now let me start by saying, I am not the most amazing parent.  I have my myriad faults.  But, I guess because I’ve been a parent for almost 20 years, I’ve been able to learn a thing or two…..

  1. The more you disdain other people’s kids and harp on their “bad behavior”, the more your child’s bad behavior (that you don’t bother to correct, btw) appears to be offensive to all around you.  Your expectation for perfection should at least apply to your kids, too.  And when they don’t, it really just means that people are going to not like your kids but DEFINITELY will think you’re a bad parent.
  2. If you have a rule that no one is to correct your child in your presence, they maybe you shouldn’t harp on other people’s kids right in front of their parents.
  3. Children need to be on a schedule.  Letting them sleep in until 10am, not giving naps, and letting them stay up until 11pm or later is not good for any kid, especially a toddler.  Yeah, they will probably fight a bit when you say it’s bedtime, but who is running the show?  You, the adult, or the toddler?  And the other people in the house that go to bed before 10pm really don’t like when said toddler is yelling and having a good time and no one THINKS to tell her to be quiet…….
  4. If your child is intelligent, you best realize that even at a young age they will work you.  Screaming at the top of their lungs when they don’t get their way would be less effective if you don’t ALWAYS hold them for 20-30 minutes to calm them down each time.  And ultimately, if they end up getting their way you are reinforcing their bad behavior AND the fact that if they scream enough, they will get their way.  And, probably, those around that have to hear this screaming 3 or 4 times a night don’t appreciate it, either.
  5. Telling your kid, even in a yelling voice, to stop over and over again only works if they stop.  If they don’t stop, try doing something else.  #4 applies to this as well.  Kids can figure out pretty young when you really mean stop (or other directives).  I know it’s probably easier to yell stop and leave it at that, but no one said parenting was easy.  And I can tell you, it gets harder if said toddler grows into a teenager and they still don’t listen to you……
  6. Remember item 1?  Well this is especially offensive when you ask the toddler to not do something with items in YOUR ROOM and they immediately do it as their parent watches and does NOTHING to correct their child.

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