A London Story

So we had many adventures on our trip to London and Edinburgh!  But there is ONE story that I just have to share!

So when we arrived in London, we quickly realized that Deana’s phone (the first rendition of the iPhone, with no 3G capabilities) would not be able to receive a signal.  Mine, which is the 2nd rendition, could.  However, I noticed with some surprise that the local phone service did not update my phone’s time to local time; it was instead displaying California time.  While that seemed pretty darn lame, I am educated enough to do the math in my head – as I used the phone for my alarm clock; I would set the alarm for the California time that corresponded to the London time we wanted to wake up.  I did that several days with no problems!

However, another problem occurred; despite the fact that I brought an outlet converter, my phone did not seem to be charging!  I tried different outlets, different converters, and was worried that my beloved phone was dying.  So, several days into the trip I actually turned the thing off completely to reset it.  I should probably add that Deana had suggested this days before and I poo pooed her idea.  πŸ™‚  But, when I turned it back on, the charge showed full and everything was back to normal!  There was loud rejoicing in our hotel room!

In great relief, I set the alarm and tried to go to sleep (something that had pretty much eluded me, even after having bought sleeping pills OTC from the lovely London people!).  As I tossed and turned, and as Deana (who had similar problems falling asleep) did as well, we began to chat.  We did this for a time and then insisted that we better TRY to at least sleep a little.  I think we did, but before we knew it, the alarm went off.  It was the first day we were trying to wake at earlier – we had previously been getting up around 8am.  Since it was our last day, we wanted to get an earlier start.  I jumped up, told Deana to do the same, and we surprisingly got ready pretty quickly despite our limited sleep the night before.  We were moving, shaking, and anxious for the day!

When we were near finished in our prep, we both dismayed at how dark it was.  It got dark very early in the evening as well – around 5pm dusk would move in quickly and it would be pitch black before 6pm.  Looking out the window, I was amazed that at 6:30am, it was still so very dark!  I shrugged and thought “wow, I guess London is much further north than I realized!” and continued to get ready.  That’s when I put my watch on…….the watch that clearly reflected London time…….the watch that clearly showed 12:33 on its face……..

“Um, Deana?”


“Remember when I reset my phone and the charger thing was fixed?”

“Yeah….” as she looked at me like “what does that have to do with anything?”

“Um, I am thinking maybe when I reset my phone, it also reset the clock on the phone as well……”


“Um……I am thinking when I set the alarm for California time so that we would wake up at the right time, it reset so it’s like 12:30 at night……..local time…..”


Needless to say, my theory proved to be correct – we had gotten up and TOTALLY gotten ready in the middle of the night!  We basically went back to bed with our clothes on and slept for several hours until it really WAS time to get up!  And, just for the curious, it is NOT pitch black in London at 6:3oam!  πŸ™‚

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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