Things Change…..

As for me, the only thing that has changed about me is that I am honest about the way I am.  And yet, that has caused those who’ve I’ve held closest to my heart to change their view of me.  And I can deal with that.  But I have felt their loss.

As for me, I will encourage my children to rest in the fact that I love them, period.  I will love them if they “change”, or if they are imperfect.  I will love them, period.


One thought on “Things Change…..

  1. Personally, I think that it is not enough just to say you love someone. Love is an action. Love involves making sacrifices for those you love. It is a fact that I will not like, let alone love, all 7 of my siblings mates, but I am not willing nor will I ever be to reject them even for one event because I can’t control who they spend their lives with. Love is love. It has no conditions. BUT, some people love the best they can, and it just isn’t good enough for both parties. I know you, and I know that there is nothing that would keep you from tangibly showing your kids that you love them even if it means they don’t live their lives as you wish they would. I am so so so very grateful that even my religious mom accepts me as a I am and loves you too…so much she’ll spend $356 to come and see us and her grandbabies.

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