Sunday Ramblings

Happy Mid-July to everyone!  Hope you are all doing well!

Sad but Wonderous News

Growing up, I was blessed by having a very intelligent and balanced father.  Well, those blessings continue today, actually.  He is very strong, yet tender hearted and gentle.  Many things he taught me – and the moment he taught them to me – are ingrained in my mind and heart.  One such memory is when my Dad told me that, if someone dies saving another person, they would go to heaven.  I just spent a few moments looking through the Bible to get a verse that supports this, but was getting distracted by other verses I found.  So I KNOW Jesus said something to that effect, but am too tired to keep looking.  ANYWAY, it is with that memory that I share this story about a man who died saving a girl who would have probably drowned.  I am sad, but I believe he is in heaven.

Mud Run Antics

Yesterday, my friend Sonya, Kenny and I ran in the ECO Mud Run in Irvine, CA.  It was FUN but a little disorganized.  We DID get covered in mud AND finished!  Woohoo!  I am not the worse for wear overall, although I DID pull something in my groin that is not altogether pleasant!

mud run 2009


So it appears that the owner of the place I lease lost his house to the bank this past week.  Worse case – I have 60-90 days to find a new place to live.  However, I am fortunate that the deposit AND last month’s rent have been held in escrow by a property management company, NOT the owner.  So, if this news is confirmed (by Monday or Tuesday), I WILL get back those funds for sure so that is a big relief.  There is a small chance that the owner will renegotiate his mortgage, even after the foreclosure, so that might happen too.  If I am forced to move, I AM a bit frustrated that I will not get my ROI on the moving expenses after only a few months here, but I am choosing to focus on the positive.

More Stuff

Well, that was misleading, as I am too distracted at present to continue with this post!  So, perhaps I will write more later OR perhaps not!  There you go!

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