Okay, I Am a Quitter….and NOT

So, due to many factors (my mom’s poor health, the long hours at work, and such) I decided to put my MBA on hold right now.  That kind of makes me a quitter!  But I am cool with that.  On the other hand, my friend Sonya posted on her Facebook (FB) tonight that she was thinking of doing the Orange County Mud Run in July.  You may remember Sonya as the friend I did boot camp with last summer.

Well, in the course of 15 minutes, I called Kenny (who has been wanting to do a 5k for the longest time) and sent a message to Kirstie as well.  I signed myself and Kenny up for the event and told Sonya!  AND, I had a specific training plan set up for me so that I can actually RUN the mud as much as possible!  I start Monday!  Woohoo!

What’s funny is that just today I was thinking that I needed SOMETHING to get me working out again.  Isn’t God amazing to answer THOUGHTS???  LOL  I hope I am this excited when I start working on running, which is NOT one of my most favorite things to do.

For more info on the run, check out this site.

I will try to update you as things move forward…..

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