I Am Getting OLD and Other Recaps

First of all, my dear readers, is that I am very very TIRED after my long day at Disneyland!  It was fun, though!

Special shout out to my dear regular reader Kate in Fargo, ND!  You may have seen her post yesterday, but it was her birthday too!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!  Hope you had a great day and have an awesome year!

So, Dland was so fun!  It wasn’t that crowded, at times a little bit, but overall it was a pleasant day.  Zack and Sophia were very intent on going on Tower of Terror and that made me very proud as they ARE pretty small!  It started out well, until the Twilight Zone segment started……Sophia’s face was like, “Um, Gina, what the hell have you DONE to me, bringing me on this ride?”  Zack tried to look more chill, but that set him off a bit, too.

So then we went on the ride – not sure if you know about it, but it is an elevator that goes up and down really fast with crazy.  The kids were freaked out before it even started (due to the whole haunted hotel theme) but when the ride started, BAM!  Sophia was sobbing instantly and Zack, although fighting to keep it in, was just as terrified.  I had each of my arms across them and they both were clutching to them for life.  When the ride was done, Sophia was still sobbing and I felt so bad!

However, before you get all “omg, I can’t believe she would DO THAT!”, here are the rest of the quotes after the ride:

Sophia:  “Mom, I was crying like a baby!”

Zack: “It was scary, but at least I was old enough to go on!”

Sophia:  (hours later)  “Jenny Jen Jen (another friend), can we go on Tower of Terror again?”  (However, the ride was closed by then, so we didn’t go

Zack (on the way home):  “When we go back, I want to go on Tower of Terror again.”

So anyway, we had a BLAST yesterday and were able to hook up with some friends so that made it even more special!  And, yes, Zack is now seven…..sigh…..

The new It’s a Small World ride is nice too…….

Okay, I need to get this old and tired body going…….and wow, I need to find a song for today!  dang it!

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