Another Beautiful Tuesday

So, to start of this post, of which I have no real agenda, check out this cute commercial:

Guitar Hero

So what is new with my readers?  I don’t have much to share, but feel compelled to write for some reason.  Hmmmm.

I learned yesterday that my sister and her oldest son, Matthew, are coming to visit in April!  I can’t wait!  I haven’t seen Matt in 6 years I think.  Linda, a couple.  Matt was in the Army and served in Iraq and then worked in Iraq as a civilian for one year.  I am thankful he is back home!  It is going to be GREAT to see them for sure!

I also read in the news that home prices dropped in January by 19%.  Sheesh.  Part of me still feels the pain of this and I feel for the peeps who are struggling with high house payments and no way to get out of it by selling or refinancing.  But I also hope, selfishly, that I get to a point where I can purchase a new home again.  Perhaps, with the lower prices, I will be able to…..we shall see.  But I am going to be very conservative and get something that is well below a certain percent of my income.  And it doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles……..not sure that makes sense.

And I have also been pondering how stubborn people are – myself included.  At least, that is how I perceive it.  We get in our mind that we “are right”, and because of that friendships end or communications have to cease.  Sometimes that makes totals sense, but sometimes its purely pride.  I mean, if I were to reach out to someone I had a falling out with, then it could mean I was WRONG!  When, instead, perhaps it can mean I have evolved into a more healthy person and can actually get paste a bad situation and look to the future.  Or maybe there is the forgiveness thing, which is the most unfair concept in the world.  Why do we always have to be RIGHT, anyway?  But anyway, the bottom line is most of us are too stubborn to even try.  Maybe I need to stop focusing on “people” and focus on Gina……

So, my steady 2.78 readers, I wish you a wonderful Tuesday!  I hope that your jobs are going well, your families are healthy, your friends bring you comfort, and you are touched by at least one miracle today!  That’s what I am aiming for!

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