Recap of Saturday

So, make sure you check out my previous song installment for Sunday!

So yesterday was a productive day – did homework, set up my wireless printer (YES!), had a beer, and cleaned the bathrooms. Yes, in that order. 🙂 I did a few other things around the house, and then my friend Michelle came over to meet me and Deana for the Tyrone Wells concert! It was held in Hermosa Beach at the St. Rocke! And it was GREAT!

If you haven’t remembered me talking about him before, I have been a fan of Tyrone Wells for years. It started about ten years ago when I saw him as one of the worship leaders at University Praise in Fullerton. He, along with his sister, really worshipped! At that point he had already started his career as a professional musician, although on a much smaller scale. And while he is a Christian and it bleeds into many of his songs, he is not out there as a “Christian Performer”….and, I think that is much more effective but that’s just me.ANYWAY, a few years ago I believe he was signed by Sony and I am very happy for him.

So, sitting about maybe 20 feel from the stage, drinking my Corona and having just ate a yummy cheeseburger, we watched Tyrone perform. It was a GREAT performance! Michelle, who had never even heard him before, liked it too and ended up buying a CD and getting it signed. We had a nice visit with him after the show. I think Deana took a pic of us with him, but I will have to check that out. Oh, and one of his new songs – More – is now the new theme song for A&E’s Intervention show! Check it out below:

So today? More homework, some work I brought home, and visiting my cousin Lori, who is in town from Washington DC! So it’s another beautiful day, both in plans and in weather! (Sorry Davis, last I heard you were in BAD weather!) Hope y’all have a great day!

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