Writing for the Sanity of It…..

Okay, there are times when I need to stop, beathe, and do something to remove myself from a frustrating situation…..this is one of those time.  The only reference I’m going to make to the CAUSE of this need is that it is work related……

SO!  Writing – it helps bring back the sanity.

Some of you may live in the dark or, perhaps, don’t have a TV in your house…..but Twilight (the movie, based on the book written by Stephenie Meyers) was released on DVD this past weekend.  I can tell you, without much embarrassment, that I was one of thousands of women and young girls who purchased the DVD.  I even watched a bit of it before hitting the books for my never ending homework!  And, I am one who can fully admit that I like the series and the movie very much.  I even said as much in this post, where I did a little review of sorts.  So, know that I am first a fan of the book series and also a fan of the movie.

Having said that, this was not an academy award winning production.  It is no Slumdog Millionaire.  It doesn’t touch you deep inside and make you think for days like The Reader.  It doesn’t make you want to punch an LAPD officer like Changeling.  In fact, some of the special effects and editing left a bit to be desired.  Yet, the two times I went to the theater to see this, it was pretty full….and the second time was a LONG time after it opened!  So, what makes this movie (and the book series) SO GOOD????

Well, it helps that so many girls/women find Edward, via actor Robert Pattinson, outrageously edible.  Kudos to Meyers, though, for creating such a loveable vampire in the first place!  And, well, truthfully the whole idea that a vampire could be so sexy AND loveable is cool IMHO.  The other characters – Bella, her Dad, Jacob – add great debth to the story too.  But I think to REALLY appreciate the movies, you had to read the book….probably ALL the books……to get a sense of the deep running water of the story, the potential of the characters, and the interactions between Edward and Bella.  And THAT is a huge part as to why this movie has been so well received – its foundation is built on a strong , well written story that was already well received by millions of readers.  Fortunately, the characters were very close to the ones that found their birth in our minds as we read page after page of turmoil, love, struggles, and hope.

So what am I really saying?  Kudos to Meyers for creating the hit that is now in my living room, sitting in a special edition, 2 DVD set!  And when is the next movie being released, dammit!

Gina OUT!

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