Wow, who knew March 26th was so cool

I have gotten out of the habit, but I used to go to Wikipedia everyday to find out what happened “on this day”. It’s fun AND educational! I know, I know, I might sound like a bit of a nerd……well, I probably give you myriad reason to call me that……but hey, it is what it is!

Anyway, I haven’t checked it out in a while but decided to this morning (since, among other things, I can’t sleep…..and well, it’s time to get up now anyway…..). Low and behold, some pretty exciting things happened on March 26th!

Hapyy Independence Day to Bangladesh!

  • As a person who LOVES LOVES LOVES to read and who happens to speak English, I was excited to learn that, in 1484, William Caxton, who was the first printer of books in English, printed his translation of Aesop’s Fables.
  • It saddened me to learn that, in 1942 – in Poland, Auschwitz received its first female prisoners.
  • But – now this is cool! – in 1953 – Jonas Salk announces his polio vaccine.
  • And (this made me tear up!), in 1976, Queen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.
  • In 1997, thirty-nine bodies found in the Heaven’s Gate cult suicides. Wow, I remember this too well to realize it was 11 years ago! Does that mean I am getting old?!?!!?!
  • As an avid emailer, I shuttered in remembering that, in 1999 – The Melissa computer worm was released, infecting e-mail systems around the world.

And let’s not forget birthdays!

Okay, there is a bunch more, but I need to get ready for work! But before I go, let me share some of the peeps who have been in Du-par’s lately:

I was right next to Eric Stolz yesterday! He was with another actor, but I can’t remember his name so sorry.

The other day, Danny Trejo stopped by. For a tough guy, I have to admit he was pretty sexy!

Gallagher was in and, yes, he was bald on top.

ABC News Anchor Marc Brown is a regular. And he is way more buff than he looks on TV!

Okay, I really need to go! Chat at you later! Gina OUT.

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