Although I LOVE my new job, why I want to sometimes scream!

Background: Received a statement from a vendor that had a zero current bill and a past due amount. As I had been instructed, I gave the bill to the person training me. She gave it back with a note saying: “call them we don’t get invoice” (copied word for word)

I went to the vendor’s site to get online statements and realized this issue had been going on for two months. As the original bill was for a lease, I sent an email to the person training me just to keep her informed and to get her feedback. I don’t know, thought maybe she had disputed it or something……here is how it went down:

The past due amount for this vendor actually goes back two months. We were billed $xx.xx in September for Meter Rental to cover 9/16-12/15, plus tax. The balance carried over in October and included late fees. Now it’s back in November plus late fees. I have the print outs for you to review and I confirmed nothing has been entered or paid in Solomon.
Her reply:
Meter Rental is bill  by QTL.  We don’t get last invoice for this bill, we call vendor waste for late fees charge.
What is your question and need to review for?
My reply:
I was letting you know what I found and usually you ask to see so I was just trying to accommodate what I expected you’d ask for.  Plus, this happened before I started here so thought you might have something to input.  However, I will be more than happy to handle this.
(Note to readers – at this point she and I had a face-to-face about the whole situation and I thought we were clear about the apparent miscommunication going on.  I thought everything was cool and went on with my work all happy and stuff.  You should also know that any email to ME is blind copied automatically to the owners of the company)
Her reply:

Bring up example for “this happened before you started here”.  You turn to me the invoice with note late charge?  I return with call vendor we don’t get the last invoice and try to get credit for late charge.  What is wrong???? Gina.
My reply (as I stared at her back as she sits 5 feet from me):
I apologize that we seem to be miscommunication, or at least I was not communicating effectively to you.  I thought we just cleared this up in our discussion and not sure we needed this email, but I do appreciate that you sent it anyway so that I don’t go on with my day thinking this interaction was resolved when it really wasn’t.
I was basically trying to honor you, give you an opportunity to give me your feedback because, in other cases where I have not consulted you, I seem to have offended you.  I absolutely do NOT want to offend you, and since I didn’t have the benefit of any special handling you may have done with the lease 9/3 (original bill date), I was trying to explain in my last email that I was giving you the opportunity to give me feedback on it.  That is what I meant about “this happened before I started here”.  However, in your first email you made it clear that it was not the case.  Further, you asked why I asked you so I was just trying to explain to you why I did what I did.
I am afraid that, had I NOT asked for your feedback, I would have offended you as I have seemed to do in the past as you have so much information that I lack.  I hope I have not instead offended you by asking and also answering your question.  However, I will absolutely handle this, I know now based on the conversation you and I just had that we never received the bill, and I will be more than happy to call and request the late fees be waived.
If there is anything I have misspoken or misunderstand, please let me know.
So maybe I shouldn’t have sent the email, because this was her reply today:
Hope we are here to work and save time to work to keep up the Company good and doing well.  My style is like to work and showing to work more than spend time to back and forth e-mail every little thing or something – bottom line is no point, wastes time.

I’m a part in this company, long or short it is.  I want to training you go to right way, no mistake, save…as far as I know.
Just so you know, she’s sitting 5 feet from me right now and – true to every other day – won’t really talk to me or train me until about 5:17 tonight.  Sigh.

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