A Quick Thought

I have this issue – of trusting people too much.  For believing their words, for acknowledging their promises and believing them.  For setting my hopes on things that really are feathers in the wind, moving much too fast for me to grab or control.  I need to learn that there should be a much smaller circle of people who have access to my feelings, to my heart, and that I need to guard my heart much more.  Because, even though my heart has great capacity to love, the odds of someone I have deemed trustworthy hurting me is very high.  And they won’t even acknowledge that HURT.  Maybe I am too low of a priority to even waste time on!

Sorry, another pitiful post by Gina.  Gina, who is tired of sucking it up as others walk through life pretending to care about me and well, don’t even look back as they shatter me……..

And while I am learning to share my hurt feelings (which I am miserable at), at least I am learning not to lash out at the ones who hurt me……..is that progress?

Gina OUT

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