Update on Gina – yeah, I know- HOW EXCITING!

Some updates to my loyal readers. You know who you are!  Special shout out to Martin – “I’m a Man” by Chicago I think of you!  (Note to other readers:  Not that I need reminding Martin is a man or anything like that, but he LOVES this song and told me about it once and yeah, so there you go.  It’s a great song, BTW).

THE SHOULDER – Okay, remember I hurt it about 2 weeks ago surfing? The doc at the time kind of blew me off. Said doc was a man. Now, I am NOT trying to be mean or over generalize, but women I have a question. Have you noticed that male doctors often blow off issues we have? It seems to be a trend with me…..at the time he was like, “Yeah, you probably pulled a muscle. Wear this sling and take some motrin and if doesn’t get better come on back.” (Incidentally, my male Chiro moved it all around, said “yep, you hurt your shoulder” and nothing else!). So, since it was NOT getting better at all, I went back yesterday. The FEMALE doctor was much more attentive, asked about 100% more questions, actually TOUCHED my shoulder, took x-rays, and determined I had a partial rotor cuff tear. She prescribed steroids, showed me some physical therapy moves to make sure my shoulder doesn’t lock up, and was cool. So yeah, I guess I will NOT be surfing again this summer…….lol.

HANGING WITH KEN – Kenny called me at 11:30pm Wednesday night asking if he could hang with me and spend the night Thursday. Yes, he was awake at that time and calling! LOL So we did hang out. We went on a “date” too – dinner at Red Robin and tooling around the Brea Mall. Of course we had a blast at the Apple Store, checked out the animals at the pet store (“Why didn’t you pet the rabbits, mom?”), went to Radio Shack (he loves this store and likes the remote control anythings….), and ending the fun at Champs where we got two caps for him.

Here is Ken with one of his new caps

MY CAR – Okay well my cute little car has been a little sick. When I accelerate especially, it won’t shift and then I can’t go faster and – well – that’s bad on two fronts. First of all, I could get killed. Secondly, I like to drive fast so it really crimps my style! So I took it into the shop yesterday. Since I hadn’t made an appointment, I figured I wouldn’t get a rental car so had planned to get one on my own. Sure enough, they told me they could get me one Monday. ANYWAY, turns out it is NOT my transmission, but rather my catalytic converter! I don’t know enough to really understand that, but this fix will also take until at least through Monday. They are getting me a rental car Monday morning so that is cool. AND I am having my 30,000 mile service – this is an American car people! Not dissing, but I have found you need this sort of thing to make sure they don’t die……

MY RENTAL CAR – So, I had made reservations for a car through Thrifty……it was a good deal actually. Kirstie was nice enough to pick me and Kenny up at the dealership, take us to breakfast, and then take me to John Wayne Airport to get my rental car. We get there and it’s empty except for the LONG line at Thrifty Rentals…….a line that moved about 5 feet in 30 minutes! I am NOT exaggerating! So, about that time two guys that were behind us decided to check with Avis. One guy left and then came back saying, “Hey, they have a car now and its cheaper than our quote here!” So Kenny decides to go on his own to ask them if they have a convertible! He comes back, tells me to go with him, asks Kirstie to stay in line “just in case”, and we head back…….YEP! They had a convertible for LESS money than Thrifty and I didn’t have to wait any longer in line! Kenny was SO excited because we got a Spyder and its very sporty and FUN! He cant’ wait for me to come back today to drive him around! He even hopped into the car without opening the door and was STOKED! And truth be told, I am having a blast with it too! Special thanks to Kir for calling Thrifty to cancel the reservation – LOL! AND being my taxi!

Here is my car for the weekend!

MY MAC – for some crazy reason, but CD burner is dead! I am sad! It seems the problem I am experiencing is a BIG problem for many peeps and I am sad. I have an appointment today at 4pm so we shall see.

KIRSTIE – many of you know that Kenny and I are very goofy. At times Josh joins in the ranks and lets loose a bit in the goof factor. But Kirstie? Not so much. She is more serious in nature and is usually one who is bemoaning the way we act, especially in public. It’s kind of fun to embarrass her sometimes (shhh, don’t tell her!). But yesterday she surprised me not only by putting in these gag teeth, but also letting me take a PICTURE of it!

MY UPCOMING MINI-VACATION – I was sitting here this week kind of sad that summer was coming to an end – maybe Josh’s song put this sentiment in my mind. Anyway, I got a bee in my bonnet and thought it’d be fun to take the boys to the Disneyland Resort. It morphed into getting a package and staying at the resort for a few days! Woohoo! So we are doing that next week and they are EXCITED! I am looking forward to it, too! So yeah, woohoo to summer!

Okay, that’s it for now! And hello peeps, where are the comments???? LOL

3 thoughts on “Update on Gina – yeah, I know- HOW EXCITING!

  1. Have fun at Disney and enjoy the convertible! 🙂 There are some definite perks to living in California (I’m still trying to think of the perks of Fargo! :)) I have noticed the same thing about male doctors (I’m a nurse btw) and I only go to female nurse practitioners! I have had much better experiences with them. I’m waiting for another song by Josh….:)

  2. Male doctors have never had a baby, yeah,that’s pain -free!I”m glad you when to a better doc, it’s been on my mind. I hurt my hand moving..we aren’t 20 year old rubber bodys anymore.I have to go to the doc too :)I’m glad you are enjoying your family and the last of our summer days! love, Christine

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