Crazy Summer Days ROCK!

Summer days, when I was a kid, used to be so amazing!  Running around barefooted, playing outside all day long, going to the beach just as the sun was coming up and staying all day, water balloon fights, sleep overs – they were the best!  And I am happy to share that this summer, many of those activities are occurring for this old lady!

As you might remember, Sandy and Aaron are in town, which in itself calls for a party!  So, because I am just a generous person, I will share some of the highlights of yesterday!

The day before ended with a little silliness:

Then, true to form and after staying up SOOOOOO late the night before, Rock Band was the activity of choice!  (The last one Kirstie might be smiling, but I think she had just threatened my life…..):

Then, when everyone REALLY started to wake up, the fun really began!  This fun factor became more serious when Stephanie, Emma, and Austin arrived!  Further, Rona, Sandy, and Emma offered to make FOOD! (Rona is a little shy….she doesn’t usually cook with hair in her face):

The rest of us worked really hard as well sat around waiting for the food:

But, of great concern, was some questionable activities in the kitchen!:

When all was said and done, we were all pretty tuckered out! 

Maybe I will tell you later how, under the bad influence of Rona and Sandy, Kenny punked me!  As for now, Gina OUT! 

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