American Idol AGAIN!

Okay, as before I am going to be posting this as the show is viewed by my beautiful eyes! LOL

Round 1

David C 5701 – Duran Duran rocks! This was NOT his best performance, but I think part of the problem was that the vocal volume was WAY higher than the band. And maybe he wasn’t as original as times past, but I still love him and YES I am voting him.

Syesha 5702- wow, Proud Mary? I liked the beginning better than the up part…..and apparently there was a dance move that I missed because I was typing here and I have been told that ruined the song. For me, things are getting tight so I am not sure I can vote for her.

Jason 5703 – it was a nice try bringing in the dregs with a Bob Marley song. But I have to say this – even though he’s cute, he needs to go. Go home and kiss your family, Jason. You are my new Brooke!

David A 5704 – Stand by Me???? I am nervous. I actually liked this rendition! My only critique is the fact he brought in the “beautiful girls” part, which threw me off and I didn’t like it. But his singing was very good. Have to think about voting for him…..

Round 2

David C – I didn’t know this song, even when my friend claimed he pictured me as a teen smoking pot listening to it (okay, 2.78 readers, seriously?) I am strongly supporting him and, yes, still love him!

Syesha – was a little surprised at her low cut dress – could she be going for the male votes against the other three guys? Side note: Paula? Seriously? Is she hitting the tequila again? I wasn’t overwhelmed with this rendition but it was okay. Still don’t think I will be voting for her.

Jason – I especially loved the humming parts. Maybe they were the best parts. Three words into it we called him out, but who knows? Maybe the cute factor will save him this week. Not sure……

David A – this is a difficult one for me…..this genre doesn’t resonate with me. I tried to focus on the SINGING and not the SONG.

So, admittedly this is getting much more difficult. Brooke is gone and so is Kristy – who can I beat up on? But Jason has outlived his stay. He IS cute, but he is not even close to the other three singers and really should be the one to go. We shall see what happens.

I voted for David C. My regular friend chose not to vote for anyone. My other two friends voted for David A and Jason (who was voted by a guy, who wanted to vote for the worse one!)

We shall see! Let me know your thoughts if you saw the show!

2 thoughts on “American Idol AGAIN!

  1. Okay, I’m actually watching it taped right now for the first time this season. Jason is THE WORST from my limited perspective. I like the Bob Dylan song and he ruined it; sheesh, remember the words. I hope he goes next week, as does Simon (pack the suitcase – nice!). I loved Stand By Me – great song and I thought David A did a good job! I think Syesha is pretty good and David C is pretty good. My vote is between David A and Syesha! By the way, the David C song you never heard before is, I’m pretty sure, the CSI:New York theme song.

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