Amazing how different my boys are!

Well, I know they are different; partly personality and partly due to their ages.  But they SO crack my up!  Josh has recently taken on some mannerisms of Kenny that I find endearing, and Kenny is going through the “I am about to be a teenager so I have to be cool, but I don’t want to be a jerk” stage.  Both are fun to watch.

As an example of their differences, here are two pictures.  They were taken on the first day of school since coming back to California.  Both were a little nervous because it was a new school and they would have to make new friends, etc.  So I go, “Josh!  I need to take your picture because its the first day of school!”

Josh - First Day of School

I did the same thing to Kenny, and here is HIS picture:

Kenny - First Day of School

This was AFTER Kenny lectured me, “Mom… KNOW how first impressions are!  DO NOT do anything to embarrass me because the kids will remember you and they will be saying ‘Kenny is the one with the crazy mom!'”

Yeah, they sure are different, but I LOVE THEM!

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