American Idol – So What do I think THIS WEEK?

Here are my notes for this week. Key: ALW = Andrew Lloyd Webber. And special mention to my friend who is getting really good at texting me her reactions to the show!!!!

Syesha : this was the first time I completely enjoyed her. She did an amazing job with the ALW song, which I have never heard before. She was alive, on key, entertaining, and ALIVE on the stage. I loved it. Gotta vote for her.

Jason: Singing “Memories” is a tough song for anyone to sing, and ALW was right that he shouldn’t have done it. He did an alright job…..everything was good except the bridge – those low notes just threw him around a little. He was sexy, especially in his casual suit, but I don’t know how far it will take him this week. I think there would have been dozens of songs he could have chosen besides this one. No votes from me OR my friend. Hmmmmmmm.

Brooke; she sang one of my favorite songs, “You Must Love Me”……and for the second time this season, she messed up the start. Was this another “professional” moment for her? You might think I’m about to dog her…..but she actually did a wonderful rendition of this song. She sounded in pain, I felt her anguish. She actually sounded good to me, even though I was waiting to be disappointed by a poor rendition. Although, I admit Simon had some good points. I didn’t like her enough to vote for her.”

David A: “Think of Me” Tough song to choose, especially for a guy! But you know what??? FREAKING AMAZING! I want to buy it, I want to listen to it over and over again. Randy was right, David put his touches in the song and he SOUNDED GOOD! It was amazingly wonderful. Yep, voting for this one!

Carly: “Superstar” WAS the perfect song for her……you go ALW! Oh My Freaking Word!!!!! Holy crap people! I love this musical and she ROCKED this one! I think she made it her own and she freaking sounded AWESOME! Even Simon agreed (although my friend called the fact that he would mention the “shouting”). Yep, gotta vote for her.

David C: Remember, he is my favorite. “Music of the Night” was maybe not the best choice for him. The whole song I was thinking how Michael Crawford would be so sad by this rendition. My friends liked this rendition, but you know what? I didn’t feel it at all! I think he did alright, but I was bored and felt BAD for Michael Crawford! You know what, I think I am actually not going to vote for him this week! A first. (But my friend loved it and voted for him!)

Bottom three for this week – Jason, Brooke, and David C (gasp!). I think Brooke is going home. We shall see! Stay tuned!

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