Hater Juice

That’s an interesting phrase and one that has made me laugh many times in my life. But today, it’s not so funny. Apparently, one of Deana’s siblings feels that she has drunk “the hater juice” because of the following statement:

“I love these grown “kids” so much!!!! I am proud of each one for different reasons, but today I am as proud as a peacock. Why? Well, {name removed} and {name removed 2} qualified all on their own for their very first apartment! It is a VERY nice complex here in TX, and they are beyond excited to be moving out on their own. {name removed 3} will be moving in with them as well, but he won’t carry equal weight as far as the bills. He is only 18 and still working part time so the funds aren’t as plentiful for him.”

Apparently, the comments regarding name removed 3 is very offensive because he is “carrying the weight equally”. Well, he may be, or he may not be – I have no idea if he is paying 1/3 of the rent or 1/3 of the utilities bills or 1/3 or the food – last I heard name removed 1 & 2 were not relying on anything from #3, only what he could afford. But that is really not anything I want to discuss in detail. What I WANT to say is, the above post was made in love and filled with excitement and pride for each and every person equally, and posted completely in love. But apparently, name withheld #3 was so offended by the post as “hater juice”, that he had to run to Deana……oh no wait, he ran to his MOTHER to complain! Deana doesn’t even know that he is BOTHERED by the post, so how is it now supposedly HATER JUICE?????

And then I ask you, what is more hater juice, the post above that was not INTENDED to offend, but could have been remedied IF the person was told that it hurt someone, or someone telling his sister to F off and you can’t have the mattress so sleep on the floor? To me, that is OVERT and HATER JUICE!

And just a side note – a lot of people have been treating Deana like crap, HATER JUICE. Treating her like she has the plague, not keeping your word and taking things you said she could have until Friday, not even acting like she’s a part of the family (my opinion, not hers – although she is hurt.) And THAT is hater juice in it’s finest.

So……I, for one, and glad this stupid butt drama will HOPEFULLY end soon. Family doesn’t do this crap.

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