I have been ACCEPTED!!!!!

Remember when, a couple of weeks ago, you heard about me graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree from Biola? Well I heard today that I have been accepted at Hope International University to obtain my MBA! I know, some of you are thinking I am crazy, starting back so soon. Part of me wants to point out that I actually finished school in October, so I HAVE had a little break! And then there’s also the fact that, in order to graduate in December, I had to carry 12-14 units for the last year……THAT will not be the case at Hope, where I can take one class at a time and do not have to worry about general education classes! I am in no rush…..I want to learn and grow in my management skills and learning how to deal with people.

And maybe the MBA is not as prestigious as it used to be…..I am cool with it. I am getting too old to worry about that. I am doing this for ME, and if it helps out my career, then that’s gravy. I am really looking forward to starting!

My orientation is on the 15th and I think school starts on the 21st. Many of the classes are online and the “in person” classes are once a week, so that should be fabulous. I actually MISS school a little bit, so I am a bit of a freak perhaps!

Hope is a Christian University, although you don’t have to be a Christian to attend. They really do have a large portion of international students and I look forward to expanding my knowledge a bit more of the world around me.

So, that’s my latest!

4 thoughts on “I have been ACCEPTED!!!!!

  1. You can never learn too much!!!! The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know!!!

    I say go for your PHD!!! The gravy will follow…

    fo shizzle my fizzle

  2. Congrats mi Vida!

    Like Deana said; you can never learn too much!

    When can I start calling you Dr. G? Do I have to wait for the PhD? 🙂

  3. Yippee for Gina!! Many congratulations, but of course I had no doubt that you would be accepted, oh you of the honor society. 🙂 You are an asset to their school.

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