Subject is closed……

Okay, a few people have been riled up by my anonymous mention of a family member that has an issue with some people in my life. While this is my blog and I can and do post whatever I want, I don’t want to talk about the definition of family anymore. While I opened the Pandora’s box, I am now closing it. No more need to defend me or anyone els based on how you see the issue that I mentioned previously.

Some things take too much time to express online and too many blanks are filled in through the internet. While this site has always been therapeutic for me – and will continue to be – I don’t want it to turn into a debate room. So for a while please refrain from discussing family. As for me, a good portion of my family now lives in Texas. My focus is now on readjusting my life to deal with this.



5 thoughts on “Subject is closed……

  1. Who’s Pandora? And, your peeps in Texas MISS you!!!! Get yer butt out here!!!

    In Texas, everyone is family!!! OOPS, I said the F word!!!!

    It’s humid here, but the people are NICE!!!

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