A shorter post….

My Editor-in-Chief (aka Deana “My Mother” Marie) said that my last post was way too long and than I would lose many of my readers. Since I am only up to 2.79 readers, I thought I’d better write a shorter post.

So today I am working on “THE” big speech that is due Tuesday. I am doing an Informational Speech on RUSSIAN ADOPTION. Cool subject, don’t you think? I was just reviewing my old post about the stats regarding Russian orphans – now that Zack and Sophia are here, it is ever more surreal than before! Now there are two distinct faces that make the whole situation much more real.

So, I think that’s all I am going to write! Want to encourage the readers, ya know?!

4 thoughts on “A shorter post….

  1. YAY for short…now let’s get some balance here – substance needs to be that of a long post but in fewer words…

    I have spoken! Hey, where’s the pic?

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