Romans is a pain but life is good

So sorry that I haven’t blogged as of late! Busy with Romans, my Speech class, and living life.

So, the exciting part first. On a fluke, Deana decides to try to purchase Wicked tickets online for a deal. If you know Deana, when she sets her mind to something, she usually reaches her goal! So, Friday morning she calls me and says, “If I can get tickets to Wicked for tomorrow, would you go?” Thinking that was impossible, I said, “Sure!” (I have tons of homework.) But she got them and got an awesome deal! So yesterday Deana, Stepha, Michael and I went to see it! And you know what? IT WAS AWESOME! I really haven’t heard details about the show other than it was great. It was funny, emotional, had adventure, and the singers were quite good! There weren’t many songs that affected me like other shows I’ve seen (Evita, Phantom, Mama Mia), but they were still very good. The story was very, very good too – offering many subplots and ideas that Deana and I were reflecting on this morning. It touched on social issues, ideas of honesty and perception, the role of leaders……wow, it was good. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Today, we also went to a yummy brunch to celebrate Wanda’s older sister’s 50th Birthday. Ana (we got her an “N” for her birthday) had a great time and it was fun to watch all the family and friends interact with each other. Wanda is still my favorite, though!

Then, Deana, Stepha and I went to visit Mom, who is still in the hospital after her back surgery. She is doing much better but still in pain and will probably be in the hospital for another day or two.

THEN, us girls went to get pedicures – YEAH BABY! I splurged and got a 10 minute leg message! WOOHOO!

THEN, we got the kids, took our SUVs to the car wash, and went bowling! Deana kicked my butt the first game but I redeemed myself the second. Most important, it was AWESOME to spend time having fun with the kids because I am in school Monday-Thursday nights. I have a back log of homework but sometimes you just need to have fun!

So, here I sit writing this blog instead of doing homework! Oh, and the thing about Romans – I sent in my first essay and the prof didn’t like my opinions. Well, I got an 84% on it so that’s cool, but I am like “what? if you don’t like my opinion, I get marked down????” He even told me one reference that I quoted word for word FROM THE VERY TEXT BOOK I WAS SUPPOSED READ FOR THE CLASS was not what Paul meant!!! So I am really confused about what he is looking for! But hey, all I need to do is pass this class because it won’t affect my GPA.

So, hope that catches everyone up!

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