Quick post to break up a "Gina-less" week!

Well, I AM supposed to be at Hume, but Mary and I have our last class for Biola (at least the major courses) tonight and we are having a little banquet. So we drove down together this morning and now we are hanging at her house until class starts at 6pm.

You know, it’s a bit warm at Hume Lake (close to 90 degrees), but at least there you can jump in the pool (pleasantly cool) or the lake (cold) to cool off! Right now I am so freaking hot sitting here without these options that I am NOT HAPPY! But I am happy that we are going back up the mountain early tomorrow morning.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week and that there has been plenty of laughter in my absence. In fact, if it helps, go ahead and tell a few jokes about me. Just think of all the goofy things I’ve done, it can’t be that hard!

I will be sure to share some Hume stories and pics once we officially return. For now, my boys, Zack, and Sophia have been having a total blast. Every morning and afternoon Zack asks, “Day camp?” because he wants to go have more fun. It’s cool. Oh, and he DID do flips off the diving board, too!

So there you go!

One thought on “Quick post to break up a "Gina-less" week!

  1. Yeah for posts!!! Such a drive for class. That’s dedication. I’m sure you’re having a blast at Hume. Can’t wait for you guys to return and see all the pics. JT

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