A day of reflection

You know, God has an amazing way of keeping you balanced. I mean, for me anyway. Here are some examples:

1. He makes sure I don’t get a big head. Like, I feel pretty good about my communication skills, and then suddenly I totally bomb the way I present something to my group at work. I go over it in my head and realize I am not as accomplished as I thought. Beat up time…..

2. But then I receive encouragement from someone, thanking me for explaining something really well. So then I think “well, it’s not all lost” and realize that I have strengths along with real weaknesses……

3. And then, in an unrelated matter, the walls come crashing in. I fall into familiar skin, reacting in a way I’ve allowed myself for years to do – and it wasn’t very beneficial. But with friends praying for me and with the Lord’s provision, he showed me how this was happening and gave me the strength to step outside of my comfort zone……

4. and then I realize, it’s not about me at all. It’s about the Lord – how He saved me, how He loves me even when I blow it, how He’s beside me even when I am not thinking about Him, how He supports me even when I don’t realize it. He places awesome people around me to keep me grounded, to gird me up when the walls are crashing in, and who encourage me constantly.

So what does all this mean? God is awesome. I am humbled by it. I am thankful for it. I am energized by it.

Tomorrow might very well suck – I hope it doesn’t. But if it does, I know I will survive because of the Lord and the friends He has given me.

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