3/26 6:50am Russia Time

Good morning – well, I am not sure when you will be reading this, but as I begin to write it is almost 8pm California time. I can also add that my body is rebelling against the time difference in many ways – feeling alternatively extremely tired and then defiantly wide awake. At present I am feeling quite tired and wishing I could go back to bed! However, we are getting ready to get our free Russian breakfast at 7 as Deana has an appointment with Natasha to prepare for court – she is scheduled to arrive at 8am and then Deana is to leave for court at 9:15 am. As I said yesterday, the court session is scheduled for 10am.

On a side note, Deana sends her apology for not blogging yet – she just cannot bring herself to do it as of yet due to emotions, nerves for court, being tired, etc. She is a little more nervous that she is doing this entirely on her own today as I will need to stay back at the hotel. I will use the time to finish my first week of Astronomy homework!

Okay, when we get back from breakfast I will write more details. For now, it feels almost reassuring to be in the same hotel in NN – to see familiar faces in the lobby, know what is on the menu, etc. Deana still had a bad experience with dinner last night and only ended up eating her French fries again. I loved my meal and have the garlic breath to prove it! But I have to say, I am nervous about staying in Moscow as it is very different there. I am hoping things are as easy to adapt to there as it has been in NN.

Okay, leaving for breakfast.

One thought on “3/26 6:50am Russia Time

  1. Just got home from a women’s retreat and had to check in with you girls…first thing! So glad to hear things are going well. I pray for rest, peace, comfort, and joy.

    Can’t wait for the updates…Jess & James

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