Today has GOT to be a better day!

Don’t get me wrong, yesterday overall was a pretty good day! However, I had a few problems at school. I will also remind readers such as DEANA not to crack up laughing when they hear about my ordeal!

First of all, walking to my class. Due to daylight savings, it was very light and, in fact, the sun was very much in my eyes. I was crossing the street to get to class and, because of the sun, did not see that the recent construction on the street created a 4-5″ different between the concrete gutter and the asphalt on the corner. Because of that, my right ankle twisted as I stepped off the curb. No big deal, except my right hand was holding my purse so when I continued to fall, I lost more balance. My concern at this point was my new pants, as my left knee hit the asphalt prett hard. It doesn’t stop there – my MASSIVE backpack felt it was now the appropriate time to flip up, basically throwing my entire upper body face first into the asphalt. Fortunately for me, there was a 20 pound, just out of high school, young girl that helped me out. Oh, and I was also fortunate enough to have rush hour traffic witness the entire ordeal!

To sum it up – pants are okay, left knee bruised and cut, right hand cut, no damage to face, back seems to be okay, right ankle a little sore.

The fun doesn’t stop there. LEAVING school, 9:30 pm so the sun was no longer trying to undermine me. I begin to cross the street – I always look over my left shoulder to make sure no cars turning right are about to kill me. No cars, cool. But when I was about 10 feet out, here came a beautiful BMW! I didn’t have any time to avoid hitting the stupid car! I totally hit his car (or did he hit me????). Damn driver didn’t even freaking stop and I hope I scratched his car! But I am okay.

So today it has to be better, right?????

2 thoughts on “Today has GOT to be a better day!

  1. Hi Gina,

    Glad to hear that you weren’t seriously hurt when you fell and also in the car accident. You need to be in good shape for that trip to Russia. Love you.

    Aunt Kay

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