Russia Day Two – The Adoption Begins

Deana just got done with the interview with the MOE and all went well. It wasn’t hard at all and it seems she freaked out for nothing! Yes! I was able to go into the office with her so that was cool. We are now driving in a van to the two orphanages where the children are – three hours away! Deana will not meet them together but they are in the same region. It is a bumpy road so a bit hard to type so I will just capture some thoughts:

Lanes are subject to driver interpretation, much like in Italy and France.

Seatbelts are not used in Russia, at least that we’ve seen.

Today it is snowing huge flakes and right now it is about 12 degrees F.

Toilet paper here I believe is a hold over of KGB torture devices! It might as well be sand paper.

Spiceyva (not sure of spelling) means Thank You in Russian.

It doesn’t matter how nice your car is here, it will be trashed by the weather.

I am dying for a regular cup of black coffee, PLEASE!!!!

Russians seem like “regular people”. Not that they ever weren’t regular people, but growing up during the Cold War it seems they were demonized for me at a certain level. I have known several Russians, including Irina, so it’s not like I thought badly of them per se. But being here I realize they are very much like Americans in their looks, etc. I have enjoyed being exposed to their culture.

I wonder what the keyboard on Russian laptops look like?

Deana is very excited to have accomplished the interview and ready to meet the kids. I think the 3 hour drive is gonna kill her.

I am currently sitting in the car as we stopped to get water for the trip. Please God, I pray that Deana is getting some junk food too. LOL (She didn’t, maybe I prayed too late?)

I just now saw the first Toyota since arriving! I am not sure what model – looks to be early to mid 90’s.

When we arrived at the airport in Russia, there was no tunnel to get off the plane. Instead, we walked down stairs from the plane – yes, in the snow – hopped on a tram about 10 feet away, and were driven about 30 feet to the terminal, which was very, very small.

Did I mention it is cold here? Thank God for fleece and Cuddle Duds!

Thanks to everyone who is praying for Deana, sending text messages, leaving comments on her blog and MySpace page.

Deana just bought a liter of water for 17 rubles which amounts to about 50 cents!

Please see Deana’s blog for the update on her kids!

One thought on “Russia Day Two – The Adoption Begins

  1. Dear Gina,
    I have been reading your blog and I am thrilled for you and your friend Deana. It is so exciting to know she is adopting the two children and that they will be living with you and your family. God bless you all. I love you.

    Aunt Kay

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