Amazing Christmas

You know, each year we all run around, think about what we want to purchase for everyone, and plan the “big day” of Christmas. I know that I am looking forward to my family’s traditions, seeing the people I love, watching them open their presents, and adding to my memory the blessing of one more year of Christmas with those I love.

Many of you will be doing the same thing and I think that’s TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!

But as I sat here this morning, Christmas Eve, and watched the light change as the sun came up, I was in awe of something else – today is a miracle. I am sitting here thinking of all the things the Lord has done for me, beginning with His miracle birth, that I am overwhelmed with appreciation and happiness. However, due to the size of this blog, I will just focus on some of the blessings I received in 2005.

  • My children, Kirstie, Kenny, and Josh, have been healthy and have been growing closer to Christ!
  • My family is healthy and I am blessed with their love
  • My friends (who are really family) bless me everyday. Deana, Wanda, Tonja, Amy (to name a few)
  • I found a wonderful church – Crossroads Christian Church – that blesses me everyday
  • My Mom, who struggles with emphysema (actually, COPD) continues to stay as healthy as possible which I am thankful for.
  • I was able to see beautiful locations of our country; Philadelphia and Alaska especially.
  • My Dad continues to enjoy his job and his health has been maintained by the Good Lord.
  • Ellie has a horrendous commute, but the Lord keeps her safe everyday.
  • I am thankful for the new family the Lord has brought into my life – Mary, Victoria, Andrew, Stephanie, and Michael.
  • Deana is the best friend that I could ever hope for; she fulfills so many blessings that it’s impossible to list them all.
  • So much more, thank you Lord!

As we move forward in the holiday, I pray that the Lord touches you in ways that are unmistakable. I know that the holidays are hard sometimes; finances, crazy schedules, thinking about those who are no longer with us (I especially miss Grandma M. and Grandpa M-who passed away Christmas Day 1985). But even with this stress or melancholy, the Lord still reigns. I pray that He touches you!


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