A Blatant Plug

So this is my daughter.  I love her.  And I love her voice.  Now, while that may not surprise you, since I AM her mother and all, but this is actually very good!  She is singing into her COMPUTER; no mic, no effect, and in fact she’s practicing.  But she rocks.

A New Song

The kids and I are working on a new CD – “A Family That Praise Together”.  We haven’t gotten too far into the album, but we DID get one song down!  It drove Deana a little crazy as the kids were singing “do do’s” all week!  But it was awesome fun!

The song is “Jesus is Just Alright”, a cover of the classic Doobie Brothers song.  While I am NOT the guitar player they were, it was fun recording with the kids.  Josh, Zack, and Sophia make up the vocals.  Check it out here.

Alanis and Mama Sox

So, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth with American Idol, but I was voting for Crystal from day one.  I am very glad that Lee won – with each week, I became more fond of him.  Deana always like him, but I still think that Crystal is a better singer.  But we all know she will get a contract, and I am happy that Lee got a break as he IS a great performer.

In any case, I did enjoy the finale.  More videos to come, but my favorite was Crystal and Alanis singing together!  Enjoy!

Love Song – Need You Now

By Lady Antebellum.

I am probably the millionth person that has noted they love this song, which is not entirely bad I suppose.  I often like my own stuff and move away from “the in” songs.  But I LOVE this song.  So watch the video.  Do it!

NOTE:  Youtube turned off embedded video for this, so just double click below and you will go to YouTube to see it.