What?!!?! Kirstie moved OUT?!!?!!?…..and other Amazing Stories

Well, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written and for that I apologize. I have plenty of excuses for this lack of action here, but I won’t put you thru the boring steps of reading them……

First, some business:

  • Today is my Aunt Kay’s Birthday! Special shout out to my favorite Aunt! I pray that today is filled with myriad blessings at that 2009 turns out to be one of the best years of your life!
  • This week I had two positive experiences on the job front (but no offers) and also prepared and presented my first business proposal through my new consulting firm, Minard Services. To learn more about this step I am taking, check out my site.
  • For a few years I had an avid reader of this blog, someone who snuck to it during class and often made the best comments. Now, she has started her own blog as well! Check it out here.

Now, for the formal update!

Kirstie Has Left the Nest!

Kirstie, who turned 18 this past September, has been attending college since August. She is a nice blend of me and Edgar, being somewhat shy but outgoing at the same time. Around Christmas she mentioned she had made some friends at school who shared an apartment very close to the campus, and was considering moving in with them. I listened, as a good mother does, but I seriously didn’t take what she was saying to heart because, well, she had it made at home. So, when she brought it up again this past week, and when doing so had more details and very detailed questions, my little mother ears popped up. Suddenly, I KNEW she was serious! My first reaction was YES, she’s moving out! But as the reality of the situation manifested itself, I began to think……OMG, my baby is leaving!

I ain’t gonna lie, this has been a tad hard for me. I worry about her – not that she will be hurt or anything……more like, “Does she have all the staple items she probably takes for granted? Is she washing her clothes? Will she have enough money for rent AND food AND fun? Will she clean her room?” The list goes on. What is hilarious about this concern is that it started about 2 hours after she moved out. LOL

So, yesterday I stopped by her place to see it and hang out. It IS a nice place and her set up is cute. We went to dinner together and then went shopping. She bought a bike so that she can ride it to school, thus saving the VERY HIGH parking fee for school. I gave her a bit of money so she doesn’t have to stress and then I left. And I felt better but maybe not completely. ūüôā This whole thing is new for me so I know it will take time to adjust…..

Restoration and Peace

In the last few months, I have eluded here that I lost a very close friend. I did, and it was based in large part on my own actions. Well, actions that I knew would upset her. I think there were more factors on both sides that lead to the ending that occurred, but it is what it is.

What was hard for me, though, is that I missed her very much. She and I melded in ways hard to express here. I didn’t know how to deal with that loss and figured she hated me. I thought about contacting one of her daughters to figure if there was even a chance we could talk, but then I decided to go straight to the source. So, I sent the following text:

“Hey hope you’re doing well. Is it unreasonable for me to request dinner or meeting for a cocktail?”

A quick moment passed and I received the following response:


Honestly, my heart dropped as I realized the damage I had truly caused. I felt the realization of my loss yet again, then chastized myself for focusing only on my feelings. As I drove (yes, I am now breaking California law…), I responded:

“Ok sorry”

I continued to absorb the reality of the situation, envisioning the years of friendship from the past and the potential emptiness of the future, when I received the following text:

“Oops, I said it backwards! I meant I’d be open”

Wow! So, although it is fair to say that there are always consequences to our actions and relationships can be altered by things we do, we met and it went well. I was concerned about the initial interaction, but it amazed me that sitting down with her was COMFORTABLE. It’s like when you are wearing new shoes all day and they are rubbing your toes wrong or too tight around your heel, and then you get home and put on your favorite pair of shoes and go, “aaaggghhhhh!” So, at least for me, the night was much about that “aaaggghhhh!” feeling.

Wow, That is a Cool Story!

I missed much of the hoopla during the day regarding the plane crash into the Hudson River as I had an interview and then went to see Kirstie. So when I walked home and saw interviews and heard the details, I was amazed and happy that no one was killed. So, it is with this reverence and appreciation that I share this story about the pilot of the plane, Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III. The story made me smile and I hope you enjoy it!

Okay, I have TONS of homework to get to, so GINA OUT!

Next time, I will share about my Academy Award plans!

Sunday – aagghhh!

It’s hard to believe that next week is Christmas!¬† So much has been going on in my life, that little piece of info seems to have been lost in the shuffle!¬† Rita and I WERE able to get a few items earlier in the week, but not much!¬† Today I ordered some more gifts for the boys from BestBuy.com and hope to pick them up later today.¬† I have a few more items to get on my list……hopefully I can knock them out today or tomorrow!

I also spent a large amount of time yesterday and this morning finishing up my portion of the Final Project for my latest MBA class.¬† This included sharing my team’s business plan and results from our simulated business.¬† I actually enjoyed this class very much – way better than Statistics!¬† I have learned much to use in my career and look forward to – hopefully someday – opening a business with Rita.

The kids are doing pretty well.¬† I spent the night at Edgar’s Friday – it was not planned.¬† I had a team meeting at 7pm on Friday and there was no way I’d get home in time for it.¬† I also was meeting with Edgar after my physical therapy session to take care of some other items.¬† The meeting with my team lasted MUCH longer than I expected, ending at around 10pm.¬† The boys, especially Josh, were anxious for me to spend the night, so I did.¬† It was fun hanging with them, and I even got to see Kirstie when she got home later that night.

Josh woke me at 7:45 in the morning and we were able to eat some donuts together, thanks to Anita’s early outing to get them!

Kenny, Josh, Rita and I (and maybe Kirstie if she’s interested) are taking a ski trip from the 31st through the 3rd.¬† We are all very excited and, fortunately, PT has been good enough for me that I can ski too!¬† I might be a little tentative, but it will be fun to be out there with my boys and Rita.¬† I can’t wait to see Kenny snowboard and Josh ski!¬† They took several lessons a couple years ago and they were getting pretty good….hope they remember how to do things!¬† It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition.¬† And it will be interesting if I actually STAY AWAKE for the new year instead of sleeping and getting up moments before midnight…..LOL.

Okay, I am taking off now….have lots to do…..like watching Terms of Endearment!¬† Wait, where are the tissues????

It’s Thursday?

In the short months when I have been back to work, I had forgotten how the days meld together when you aren’t working.¬† It surprised me to realize that today is THURSDAY!¬† Wow.¬† I used to live for this day before as it meant tomorrow was Friday and I would have a two day reprieve from the crap at work!¬† LOL¬† Now I just think, “wow, Rita and David will not have to go to work in a few day!”

Speaking of work, Rita went into work at like 4am this morning!¬† Just the reality of owning your own business can be hard work!¬† Well, to give Rita some credit, she is a hard worker 100% of the time and one of the most fair owners/bosses I have witnessed in my long life…..

So yesterday I went with a friend to finally see the movie Twilight.  You may remember from earlier posts, Kirstie got me hooked on the book series this past summer Рshe read the first 3 books (over 1,500 pages) in like 4 days and then pre-ordered the 4th book.  She likes to read, but this was very unusual for her.  So, me being into books and all, decided I would check it out, too.  And they ARE good books.  In fact, forgive me for being lazy, but I will update my book review page, hopefully today.

Anyway, I usually hate when books are made into movies……not sure that is fair, because obviously books are a different genre and can express emotions/thoughts/feelings so much better than can be expressed in film.¬† Even still, I usually am very disappointed with films based on books I have read.¬† I disliked The Notebook very much.¬† The Other Boleyn was another disappointment.¬† So I went into this movie, although excited to be finally seeing it, with low expectations.

It’s important to note that the characters in Twilight were well developed by the author, and I have to state right away, the actors who portrayed them in the film did an EXCEPTIONAL job.¬† Too often I see different people there, but that was not the case with this film.¬† (And again, remember I am a little bit of a snob in this area.)¬† And, although this was a low-budget, independent production (which means bad editing and some footage looked like Mom did it with the family camcorder), the film stayed very true to the book.¬† While every detail is impossible to touch on, and there were a few awkward points were non-readers may miss some key info, overall it was VERY well done and held my interest throughout the film.¬† I think this is worth your time and money to see, and I even plan on buying the DVD when it comes out next year!

So today I am working on homework – LOTS of homework!¬† It’s the last week of my class and there is a big Final Team Project due!¬† I am meeting with my team online tonight – the members are in Carson, Chicago, and New York.¬† It’s interesting, this online MBA program!¬† I must say, the caliber of the Kaplan classes are VERY good and they truly challenge me!¬† MUCH better than the university I was last enrolled in for my MBA!¬† I am happy to report that I currently have 97.56% in the class….whew.

And, for those curious to know – NG’s average of reading this site per day remains right around 5.

Results of my Statistics Survey

Thanks to everyone who replied – you really saved me!

RESULTS for my field work:

Here are the questions I asked:

Do you donate blood? (Yes/No)
If so, how often? (<1x a year, 1x a year, >1x a year)
If not, why? (It hurts/I don’t like needles/Blood freaks me out/No Reason)
Are you aware of the requirements for donating to babies? (Yes/No)
If you knew, would that change your mind regarding donating? (Yes/No)

I asked 30 people these questions, of which 6 were male and 24 were female, the majority of whom were 36 years or older.

67% of respondents answered they do NOT donate blood. The reason was 80% “Other”, and all of those respondents elaborated that there were health reasons that caused them to not be able to donate. The other 20% of the respondents who answered no equally stated that they do not like needles or that it hurt too much.

Of those who DO donate blood, 40% donate <1 time a year, 40% donate once a year, and 20% donate multiple times a year.

80% of the respondents had no clue that there were special requirements for donating to babies, let alone what those requirements are.

I confirmed this information – most of the population has CMV, a common viral pathogen found in all population groups. Nearly all CMV infected people are asymtomatic. It causes few problems for healthy individuals. But in newborns and immunocompromised individuals, it may produce a variety of disease processes. To donate to these groups, you must not carry this virus……and only about 15% of the population does not carry it.

Since the majority of the respondents could not donate due to health reasons, knowing the requirements didn’t make a difference in their desire or ability to donate blood. Therefore, 67% said knowing would not make a different. 20% said this information would change their mind, including some individuals who currently donate – they shared they would be willing to donate more often if they knew their blood was being used to help babies. However, at this point I realized that, even knowing this information, they have a high likelihood of being CMV Positive, so their blood would not be given to babies.

This field work was interesting, in that is quantified many of the things I have felt existed for some time. Hearing specifics and analyzing them was very interesting. I also realized most women, at least in my case, were more willing to respond to me, let alone answer my questions. I also found that my questions could have been much more valuable in nature – I am not sure asking the questions about the babies gleaned as much information as I had hoped. I am not sure the data I collected helped me to suggest what changes could be made to encourage people to donate as most who do not, can’t.

Need your help FAST!

Okay peeps, you might remember I am in a Statistics class in my MBA program!  And, well, Gina waited a bit too long to begin asking people me survey questions and, thus far, my sample is kind of small.  So if you could PLEASE answer the following questions asap, that would totally help me out!

Do you give blood?    Yes    No
If so, how often?    < 1x a year    1 time a year    > 1x a year
If not, why?¬†¬†¬† It hurts¬†¬†¬† I don’t like needles¬†¬†¬† Blood freaks me out¬†¬†¬† No reason
Are you aware of the requirements for donating to babies?    Yes    No
If you knew, would that change your mind regarding donating?    Yes    No

Demographic Information
Gender    Male    Female
Age    <20    21-35    36-49    >49

Please email your responses to gmdimples33@yahoo.com.

Thanks so much!  Some of you may receive an email from me so sorry if this is duplicated!


End-of-Week Post

Hello peeps – this was a long week for me!¬† Driving 70 miles one way to work really, really sucks!¬† I rode my bike two times; the first time was a bit scary, but by yesterday I felt very confident and comfortable.¬† There were times when I thought, “I was born for this, now I understand what my Dad said about the feeling of riding….the wind in your face, etc.”¬† Not that riding in traffic is all that fun, but it sure is great to white line when everyone else is stopped!

On that note, I have found that the majority of drivers are kind to bikes – they move over, etc.¬† I was surprised, however, to find that there are a minority of drivers that not only are oblivious to us bikers, but purposely move to block our way!¬† What is THAT about?¬† I don’t understand what the issue is – are they mad because I don’t have to stop?¬† Hello!¬† I am one less car filling the freeway with congestion!¬† Do they think it is wrong for me to pass in between?¬† It is totally legal.¬† And most of all, do they really want to be in an accident with a bike?¬† Sheesh.

Also on that subject – I hate when people clean their windows on the freeway, even when I am in my car.¬† I mean seriously, hello peeps the water goes behind you for hundreds of feet, getting everyone behind you wet.¬† What if someone just got their car washed?¬† What if someone had just cleaned their window and now you messed it up?¬† And finally, what if there is a motorcyclist behind you and they are getting plummeted with water??¬† I am just asking people to think about it…..clean your windows when you are stopped.

And throwing cigs out the window when you’re driving…..not only is this illegal as it is littering, but it is very dangerous to have a burning object plummet you when you are on a bike……..

I don’t like my job much.¬† Won’t get into the details, but most days I just want to cry on the way home.¬† But it’s a job and I am thankful that I have income coming in.

The kids are doing great – don’t see them nearly as much with the commute, but I spent some time with them Thursday night.¬† Ken also spends the night several times during the week so that is nice, too.

School started Wednesday РStatistics! Рand so far, so good.  Will be spending lots of time on this during the weekend!

Okay, must have more coffee.  Will write more later.

Kenny, my boy….

Yes, people, school has begun and Kenny is beginning his first fund raiser!  His goal is to sell 20 online magazine subscriptions so he can get a Sector Nine long board skateboard.  Oh, and of course raise funds for his school!  So PLEASE consider subscribing to one (or two) or your favorite mags through this fundraiser!!!

It’s very easy and can be handled 100% online!

If you are interested, please comment or email me at gmdimples@gmail.com.